How can our CFOs help you achieve your financial goals?


Preferred CFO is a full-service outsourced CFO company equipped to fulfill your financial needs. Whether you’re augmenting your existing financial team to round out your financial strategy or are in need of a full financial team without the in-house cost, Preferred CFO can develop an outsourced CFO package that’s right for you.

Our team is full of experienced financial experts with decades of experience in multiple roles. Our team includes highly experienced CFOs, controllers, financial analysts, asset managers, accountants, CPAs and CGMAs.


Our CFOs have decades of experience generating and overseeing successful financial strategies for organizations in diverse industries. Explore our services below or click "Request a Proposal" to learn how Preferred CFO can help you achieve your goals.

Outsourced CFO

Preferred CFO is the most experienced CFO team in the country. Whether you need to sieze an opportunity, overcome a challenge, or prepare for growth, our virtual CFO team can bring advisory, full-time, or part-time CFO expertise, strategy, and planning to help your company achieve its goals.


CFO Consulting

Your existing financial team can achieve new heights with a strategic CFO consultant. Elevate your financial strategy by tapping into our expert CFO advisors & consultants.


Systems Design

Our systems consultants have optimized operational and financial systems in dozens of industries. When you partner with one of our systems experts, they will optimize your existing systems and strategize for growth. Transform your organization into a more scalable and capable powerhouse.

Raising Capital

Raising capital can be stressful, but Preferred CFO can help get you in the door and make the process go more smoothly. We bring experience, strategy, and clout to your organization. Our capital raising experts have helped raise hundreds of million dollars and are highly respected in the industry.

Controllers & Bookkeepers

 Our outsourced controllers are the best in the business, bringing impeccable attention to detail and a unique propensity for identifying problems or opportunities. Rely on our virtual controllers for financial reports, data, and cash management.


Small Business

Viritual and Part-Time CFOs can help your small business achieve growth with top-tier financial strategy (without a full-time cost). Our expert CFO consultants and advisors can help with forecasting, raising capital, optimizing (or creating) operational and financial systems, and preparing your business for growth.


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