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What is an Outsourced Controller

An outsourced controller is a financial expert who helps keep your books up-to-date and provides financial reporting and information in a timely manner. Controllers can be in-house or outsourced. If the controller is outsourced, that means the controller...

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Signs Your Company is Ready for a Part-Time CFO

A CFO brings high-level expertise and strategy to an organization. A CFO’s primary role is to elevate financial strategy, streamline operations, trim fat, and maximize sustainable growth. But how do you know if your company is ready for a CFO? How do you...

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How to Determine How Much Your Business Is Worth

How to Determine How Much Your Business Is Worth To determine how much your business is worth, first choose your method of measurement. Choose the best method for your company based on your size, industry, and lifecycle stage. These methods of business valuation use...

3 Reasons you Need a Financial Forecast

If Your Company Doesn't Have a Financial Forecast then You're Wasting TIME and MONEY Every company has goals. Where do you want your organization to be 5 years from now? 10 years? Most even have a general idea of the benchmarks you need to hit to get there—by...

7 Common Cash Flow Issues and How to Solve Them

7 Common Cash Flow Issues & How to Fix Them Cash flow-related issues are one of the most problematic for organizations. In fact, a study by Jessica Hagen of U.S. Bank showed that 82% of businesses that failed had some sort of cash flow issue. Here are 7...