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How to Determine How Much Your Business Is Worth

How to Determine How Much Your Business Is Worth

How to Determine How Much Your Business Is Worth To determine how much your business is worth, first choose your method of measurement. Choose the best method for your company based on your size, industry, and lifecycle stage. These methods of business valuation use...

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List of CFO Outsourcing Services

What CFO outsourcing services can benefit your company? It depends on your goals. Unlike Controllers and CPAs who typically have a more straightforward job description of record-keeping, bookkeeping, and tax management, an outsourced CFO's role changes based on the...

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3 Keys to an Accurate Financial Forecast

Financial forecasting is partly an art and partly a science. The goal is--obviously--to be as accurate as possible as these numbers tend to guide key decisions, advise budgets, and to plan for and project growth. It also establishes trust and confidence in many key...

6 Tips for Sustainably Growing Your Business

Growth is the goal of virtually every organization. However, it takes more than a good market and a good product to sustain and support growth. When we partner with an organization, it’s typically to help them achieve, prepare for, or support growth in some way. This...

What is an Outsourced CFO?

What is an Outsourced CFO? An Outsourced CFO is a financial expert who provides financial strategy services on a part-time or project basis. An Outsourced CFO provides high-level financial strategy, systems analysis and design, and operational optimizations. An...