Fractional CFO Services

Preferred CFO offers expert fractional CFO services to elevate your help your company overcome challenges, accelerate growth, or achieve a goal.

  • Resolve Cash Flow Challenges
  • Raise Capital (Debt or Equity)
  • Optimize Systems for Scalable Growth
  • Long- & Short-Term Forecasting
  • Organize Historical Financials
  • Create Long-Term Financial Strategy

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Fractional CFO Services

Preferred CFO’s expert fractional CFO services include solutions to help you overcome challenges, accelerate growth,
prepare for transactions, and achieve goals.

Below are some of our most common fractional CFO services. These are just a brief overview of some of the
services we offer. For more information about our high-level fractional CFO consulting services, contact us.

Optimize your Financial Strategy

The best strategic business decisions are based on information: historical data, industry trends, projections, competitive benchmarks’ and more. Take your strategy to the next level with knowledge & expertise from a CFO.

Resolve Cash Flow Challenges

Cash flow challenges are the biggest reasons that companies fail. Our experienced fractional CFOs will analyze your current cash flow, find areas for improvement, and help implement those changes.

Prepare for Growth

Whether you’re expanding geographies or product offerings, are engaged in a transaction, or simply want to grow more sustainably, your fractional CFO can help things go smoothly.

Raise Capital

Our fractional CFOs have helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars in capital. Let us help prepare documents, oversee due diligence, tap into our robust lending and investing network, negotiate contracts, and more.

Prepare for a Transaction

Are you preparing for a merger, acquisition, or exit? Our fractional CFOs will make sure things go smoothly while ensuring you get the best deal possible for your situation.

Forecasting & Budgeting

Our fractional CFOs will help create short- or long-term forecasts and budgets to help create a precise blueprint to help you get from where you are to where you want to go.

Why Hire a Fractional CFO?

Companies choose to hire a Fractional CFO when they need the strategy and expertise of a high-level financial expert without the cost of an in-house CFO.

Fractional CFOs are often brought in to a company help overcome a challenge, prepare for growth by optimizing financial strategies, facilitate a transaction, or to take the company to the next level.

About Preferred CFO

Preferred CFO has offered expert fractional CFO services for over a decade. With a team of handpicked CFOs from diverse backgrounds, Preferred CFO has helped clients nationwide grow their companies, achieve successful exits, raise hundreds of millions of dollars of financing, optimize operations and cash flow, increase shareholder value, and accelerate growth.

Preferred CFO has serviced clients across the U.S. including Denver, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Diego, Boulder, Chicago, Cleveland, San Jose, Los Angeles, New York, and more. While many of our services can be completed remotely, our handpicked CFO team is located at several strategic locations across the United States, and weare always willing to schedule regular or situational meetings in-person. This is a great option if you need a fractional CFO to show up for board meetings, negotiations, to train employees, supervise transitions, to work through challenges, or to oversee programs or growth.

For more information about Preferred CFO’s fractional CFO or controller services, or to discuss your company’s particular needs, contact us today.

Answers to Your Questions

What is a Fractional CFO?

A fractional CFO is a financial expert who provides strategic, budgeting, or problem-solving services on a part-time or project basis. A fractional CFO provides high-level financial strategy, systems analysis and design, and operational optimizations. They can also help a company resolve challenges such as cash flow issues, raising capital, solving tight margins, implementing more efficient systems, or preparing for growth.

What are your fractional CFO rates?

It depends on what types of services you need, how many hours per month are needed, and the term (length in months) of the arrangements. Let us put together a proposal for your specific needs by filling out our contact form.

What if we already have a CFO?

No problem! Our CFOs are great at working with in-house teams to train, implement systems, and elevate strategies.

What industries do you specialize in?

We pride ourselves in the diversity of our fractional CFOs’ industry backgrounds. With some of the most experienced CFOs in the industry, we specialize in everything from manufacturing, SaaS, communications, construction, medical devices, travel, security, retail, and solar, to education, home health services, mortgage, food and beverage, gas and oil, venture capital, and more. Not sure if we fit your niche? Let us know what you’re looking for and we will pair you with the best fractional CFO we have to fit your needs.

What if we don’t have any bookkeepers or controllers on staff?

Preferred CFO has full financial teams at the ready to help implement your financial strategies. Whether you’re only in need of a fractional CFO or also need supporting help from an outsourced controller or bookkeeper, we have experts on staff to help.

Recent Projects

Read details from some of our recent outsourced CFO partnerships.

Energy Management Corporation

Reduced year-end inventory write-offs by approximately 80% and created an 80% reduction in back-ordered sales orders.

DPS Skis

Helped grow revenue 49% over 2 years, improved relationships with independent commissioned sales representatives.

Diversified Management Services

Helped raise $1.5 M line of credit to finance growth and expansion.

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“Preferred CFO helped us successfully raise our first round of funding, and is currently supporting our second round. We’ve felt confident knowing that our CFO can jump on a call to field questions on our behalf. Our financial projections carry more weight with the Preferred CFO reputation. They were able to help us with a high-level solution that we would not have been able to replicate or afford any other way given the position our business was in.” Patricia Goede

CEO, VisualShare

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