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CFO Consulting | part-time cfo | Preferred CFO

CFO-level Consulting is one of the major differences that separates the world of bookkeepers from high level accounting.

Our solution is an all-in-one solution and is tailored for the needs of our clients. We start with a strategic CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, and we combine various levels of accounting expertise into our program to offer our clients a comprehensive solution from A-Z. We may utilize a combination of any of the following individuals within our organization to deliver results for you. It depends on a number of factors, including what your needs are and what resources you currently have employed to meet those needs.

Consulting CFO

Our CFO’s oversee the entire operation. They are the “partner” on the on-going engagement. They are strategic. And they are masters of the future—especially when it comes to your business, cash flow, and forecasting.

You can expect our CFO to be professional, seasoned, and incredibly insightful. You can trust that they’ve trained our staff to be rock stars. They’ve seen quite a few companies just like yours, and they’ve seen some succeed and others fail. Their years of experience gives them confidence in their work, and you can trust that they’ll give you the advice that you need.

Consulting Controller

Our controllers are essentially Chief Accounting Officers. They are the whip-handlers of the engagement. They are excruciatingly detailed. And they are the ultimate executer—especially when it comes to nailing down the correct processes and systems to handle your accounting and cash. They guard your cash like your dog guards the backyard.

You can expect our controllers to be tactical, experienced, and incredibly good at seeing and explaining the big picture. You can trust that they know how to train your staff to run the correct system that they’ll set up. They’ve been in a lot of dogfights, and know how to clean up messes. Their years of experience gives them confidence in their ability to steer your accounting department to a point where it can help you achieve your strategic goals.

Accounting Manager

Our accounting managers are gurus of accounting topics. They carry out major projects with a snap of the fingers and an over-arching strategy. They are sharp. And they are responsible for your success.

You can expect our accounting managers to be smart, well-trained, and incredibly good at knowing the correct way of doing things. They are people-people, and know how to interact with your staff and your customers. They are the ultimate Boy Scout. You can trust that they will leave your business much better off than when they found it.

Staff Accountant

Our staff accountants are laser-focused on getting things done the right way and in the right time. They have incredible backgrounds and are the best of the best. They love numbers.

You can expect our staff accountants to be at the top of their game, high executers, and incredibly efficient streamliners of systems. They’re like the employee from your friend’s company that you wish you had working for you.

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