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Do I need a CPA or a CFO?

Do I need a CPA or a CFO?

It’s usually easy for an organization to identify when they need a little more expertise managing their finances, but it’s not always easy to identify exactly what type of help they need. One mistake we see a lot of companies making is assuming a CPA can provide them...

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6 Signs You May Need a Financial System Upgrade

6 Signs You May Need a Financial System Upgrade

How often do you reevaluate your financial management system? For most organizations, the answer is not very often. After all, the ultimate point of a financial system is to put it in place then rely on it and the people who contribute to it to help things run...

Compensation Strategies that Drive Company Value

Why is an intelligent compensation strategy so important? While it seems like a no-brainer that an intelligent compensation strategy is important, many companies don’t know exactly how much of an impact the right (or wrong) compensation strategy can have on overall...

Stepping into the Minds of Consumers – a CFOs Perspective

Traditional economics teaches us that consumers are rational and accordingly make decisions in a rational manner. They seek to maximize their utility (the use or happiness they get out of products and services) by purchasing and consuming until they reach diminishing...

How to Attract and Retain a Strong Millennial Workforce

I believe some confusion exists in the workplace regarding millennials. Once we get past the often erroneous stereotype of feeling entitled and not willing to work, millennials can add a lot of value to any workplace, with the right touch. Many employers try to attain...